Established in 2005, Waltay is a professional China CNC machining company. We specialized in R&D, Production, sales of aluminum machined parts, like aluminum heatsink, extrusion machined enclosures, power supply enclosures, amplifier housings, inverter enclousre, shielding boxes, customized, complicated CNC milling parts, turning parts, lathing parts and so on.

We have many types of universal enclosures, mutual toolings, so that customers can use them directly, this will save tooling cost, and also time frame when you meet a tight schedule. Mutual toolings-we can send drawings to customer modify cutting lengths, drillings, cutouts etc. Exsiting models we can offer free samples for your R&D, testing. Please submit a request with website contact form and we will reply in 24 hours.

Waltay also provide rapid prototyping services, the overall lead time can be 3-5 days depends on customer requirements, for example SLA for plastic injection molding, complicated parts for special projects, fabricated metal, aluminum parts.

Main Equipment list:

CNC milling machine: 25 sets
CNC turning machine: 3 sets
Stamping machine: 8 sets
Drilling machine: 8 sets
Plastic injection machine: 8 sets
In-house tooling machine: 5 sets

Secondary machining services we offer, too.

That including: finishing like anodized finishing, powder coating, zinc plating/galvanized finishing, oil painting, drilling, rivetting, welding, custom packaging.

Quality control we follow ISO 9001 standards, quality is our company core value, we provide customers smart designs, high end quality, reasonable prices to ensure/support customer business, a lot of customers will order repeatly for a long term cooperation. If you need a China CNC machining company,  then please contact us today.

China CNC machining company


Our experienced and professional operators and engineers are our greatest asset.  Our tooling department use the most modern equipments and tools allowing them to produce any kinds of products.

Our staff takes great pride in ensuring that every job gets the best experienced personnel irrespective of whether it is complex or simple stamping and we regard our organisation as your full service technical partner.

We use advanced equipment to provide precision that meets the tolerances, with +/-0.05mm or more than that, our staff will always meet customer expectations.

  1. Quality control

    Every product produced by us has the benefit of decades of metal fabrication experience. From concept to manufacturing, we provide an imprint of quality. Our unique combination of hand craftsmanship and high speed production enables our customers to enjoy the finest products at the most competitive prices.

    We continually review and improve our Quality Management System processes to improve product quality, and ensure we continue to meet our customer requirements with absolute satisfactions.

  2. Design Quality

    We help customers with design drawing requirement, available design software: AutoCad, Solidworks, UG, also we can provide printing files set up.

    If you need such services please do not hesitate to tell us.

  3. Material Selection

    We regularly review the quality and performance of all of the raw materials we use.  By carefully tracking material selection, receiving, and production, we can ensure that our customer requirements are met at every stage of the operation.


Quick quotation for each metal and plastic parts

Mechanical design assistant, from concept to drawing, provide all-inclusive package

Rapid prototyping service in 48 hours

In-house tooling room to archive competitive unit price

Secondary machining: riveting, silkscreen printing, laser engraving, custom packaging, assembly

Customized requirements include aboved but not limited

If you want a worry-free China CNC machining company, please contact us!